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Recargo Inc. is a leading EV software and services company that provides consumer and industry intelligence to support the adoption and growth of plug-in mobility. It’s the parent company of Plugshare, the world’s leading “charge finder” app for EV drivers, as well as PlugInsights, the EV driver research organization. Recargo is based in Venice, CA, with offices in Menlo Park, CA. For more information about Recargo Inc. and the company’s product offerings, visit recargo.com and follow @RecargoNews on Twitter.

Available as a free application for iOS, Android, and web, PlugShare is the world's favorite way to help drivers locate public charging stations and charge their EVs. It also connects drivers to a vast network of home chargers shared by individuals, while serving as a way for plug-in vehicle owners to connect with one another. Its convenient “Pay With PlugShare” service allows drivers to use the PlugShare app to pay for public charging at an ever-growing number of locations. For more information about PlugShare, visit plugshare.com and follow @plugshare on Twitter.

PlugInsights creates research that channels the “voice of the EV driver” to automakers, government, utilities, charging networks, and the rest of the plug-in vehicle community. It operates an online panel of over 7000 EV drivers, which it uses to analyze and report on driver experiences, behaviors, and opinions. It also operates the most complete census of public charging stations available. For more information about PlugInsights, visit PlugInsights.com. To become a member of the PlugInsights EV driver panel, go to PlugInsights.com/panel.