Join the Journey!

There are a several ways to participate in the Epic Electric American Roadtrip.

Ride along

We’re reserving a limited number of slots to ride along with the driver, Norman Hajjar, in the record breaking Tesla Model S as it travels between 2 Tesla Superchargers.

Email Recargo’s Jordin Williams at if you’re interested. You can follow on the interactive map and pinpoint the vehicle’s location at any time, then drive out to meet it when it fuels at a Supercharger location. Here’s a list of Superchargers in the order they will be visited. Let Jordin know which two Superchargers you’d like to ride from/to. Sadly, the number of slots is limited, so let us know early.

Come out and say hello

Follow the interactive map, and when the Tesla gets close to where you are, come out and visit at a Supercharger while it charges.

Send us a tweet and we’ll hit you back

Our Twitter account is @PlugShare, and we’re using the hashtag #EpicEVTrip.