Frequently Asked Questions

Recargo Inc. is an electric vehicle (EV) software and information services company. It makes the leading “chargefinder” mobile app for EV drivers called PlugShare. PlugInsights is Recargo’s driver and charging infrastructure research division, which among other things, runs the largest EV driver research panel in the world.

There’s a route map here. It encompasses all “four corners” of the US: Washington State, Maine, Florida and Southern California. We estimate the distance traveled will be around 12,000 miles. At this point we think the journey will be about 18 days in length.

The record is for “longest distance in a non-solar electric powered vehicle”. According to Guinness World Records (with whom we are registering this attempt), the current record under 4,000 miles. We expect to come close to tripling the previous record distance.

It’s a stock Tesla Model S sedan powered by an 85kWh battery. It has a range of about 250 miles between charges.

Tesla has a proprietary network of what they call “Superchargers” that run up and down the East and West Coast as well as across the middle of the United States. A Supercharger can top off the Model S’s battery in less than 30 minutes, normally. Supercharger sites are averagely spaced about 130 miles apart along the route. Almost the entire journey uses these Superchargers. The one exception is the leg from Warwick, Rhode Island to Kittery, Maine, where we need to rely on a single slower, “Level 2” style charger.

Incredibly, nothing. Tesla makes the use of its Superchargers free to Tesla drivers who have paid to enable the vehicle’s “fast charging” option. The Level 2 charger we will be accessing is also free to use.

Journeys like this signal the beginning of a new transportation era where EVs can go toe to toe with gasoline vehicles – without the environmental downside of greenhouse gas producing, pollutant emitting carbon fuel.

The journey also dramatizes the incredible importance of the right kind of “fast charging” infrastructure for electric vehicles. As we see more and more of these fast chargers installed throughout the country, EV drivers will see the effective range of their vehicles increase greatly. Recargo and PlugInsights is taking a leading role in urging charging networks, government, utilities and automakers to work together to help build out this vital transportation resource.

The Managing Director of PlugInsights, Norman Hajjar, is making the entire journey, and will be driving most, if not all of the way. We expect that he will be joined by other EV enthusiasts and Recargo employees at various junctures.